Before working with Denise, I was facing a time of deep depression. I had seen a few doctors and all of them suggested prescription drugs that I was not interested in taking. I was looking for a natural approach to get through my struggle, so I reached out to Denise for some help.


After sharing my situation and concerns with Denise, she stepped in and did a full evaluation on my health history and nutritional habits. My depression caused deficiencies in many areas, and Denise was able to recommended various foods and supplements that would naturally help improve my physical and emotional health. She followed up with me on a weekly basis to ensure that I was staying on track with my nutritional goals. Not only did she help me find a balance in my nutrition, but she also helped me mentally.


Speaking with Denise on a weekly basis was very therapeutic. She provided a very comfortable environment in which I could speak with her about anything – my moods, family issues and relationship problems. Within a matter of weeks, I noticed a significant change in myself. I felt energized and started to regain my positive attitude that had been absent for months. With Denise as my health coach, I was able to reclaim control of my life and create a fresh start. I am forever grateful that Denise was by my side during my healing process.








Prior to working with Denise,   I was having some trouble implementing all the healthy stuff that I know I should be doing. See I don’t necessarily have a weak spot in terms of nutritional wisdom because I’m a Health Coach myself.  But even Health Coaches need some coaching too! It’s not enough to understand something conceptually. You also need to be able take action on what you already know and sometimes you need the support of someone who can see through your blind spots in order for you to move past whatever’s blocking you. 

The truth is most 
people already know what they’re supposed to do but they can’t seem to execute it. Denise helped me execute and put certain healthy habits into practice such as setting up healthy boundaries and how to deal with tricky family situations when they are not in the same “health boat” as you. I learned a thing or two on how I can actually have more enjoyable family time through cooking and preparing meals while really keeping your respect for yourself and other people’s dietary preferences. 

She’s really well versed in nutrition and wellness but setting her healthy know-how aside, I also get to share anything and everything with her. The opportunity to just speak with her in and of itself is very therapeutic for me.  From business to family and romantic relationships and even far out spiritual stuff, you name it! She can really tackle a lot of things with you. She’s a great listener and a great cheer leader. She’s like a mother, an older sister, a teacher, and a really cool friend. I just find her very lovely as a person.
Thank you so much Denise for all the help and for being a lot of things for me!