Immunizations, The Growing Debate

So much information is conflicting and confusing to a parent in the decision to vaccinate your child or not.  We are told it is for the greater good of society as a whole.  But evidence is being compiled in studies of unvaccinated and vaccinated children that is suggesting otherwise.  With many reported side effects, some life-threatening and more life debilitating, how can a parent fathom their child being a victim for “The Greater Good”.  These studies are even suggesting these vaccines, developed to protect ourselves from disease actually hamper immunity, thereby leaving us susceptible to disease and illness.  For more information about diseases linked to immunizations, check out this site.  Stay informed to protect your loved ones and be armed with knowledge to help you choose for yourself!

Here is a trailer to a movie called “The Greater Good” which gives a perspective through lives suffering the side effects of immunizations.



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