Are Your Magnesium Levels Causing Your Symptoms?

Magnesium is necessary for 18,000 different functions in the body.  Dr. Osborn simply explains the underlying lifestyle choices that create a magnesium deficiency.  Caffeine, alcohol, chronic stress,  refined carbohydrate diet, and medications deplete magnesium in the diet.  Deficiency of magnesium causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, & depression.  The medications used to treat these conditions further deplete magnesium levels.  Using a highly absorbable form of  of magnesium can alleviate these conditions without the use of medications when coupled with dietary changes.  If you suspect you have a magnesium deficiency a serum blood testing is not an accurate way to determine whether you need more in your diet or through supplementation.  Have your doctor use a spectra cell test to measure the amount of magnesium in the cells of your body.  I like using Natural Vitality Natural Calm, which comes in powder form you can add to water and tastes great.  I like the raspberry lemon the best, but can use any of the flavors provided.  Dr. Osborn also promotes a brand on his site he endorses.  There are also ways to absorb magnesium from skin applications in the form of gels and sprays and there is always soaking in an Epsom salt bath, which also has the dual benefit of promoting rest and relaxation.

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