We are regular consumers of apple cider vinegar in our household. The organic, unfiltered kind of course, is used frequently in our home, both for homemade salad dressings and as a supplement for aiding in digestion.  There are plenty of reasons to start incorporating Organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar into your diet.  To find out more about the medicinal benefits of apple cider vinegar check out my article.


In my home I usually just throw a salad dressing together with ingredients in my kitchen.  I am paying closer attention to how much I use of each ingredient so I can pass the information on to you.  What I have to share with you is there are no rules, just what you have available and what seasonings you like or need in your recipes.  For a simple homemade Italian dressing, I use a clove or two of garlic (we love garlic around here).  I usually use organic extra virgin olive oil for the omega 3 benefits.  Apple Cider Vinegar (of course) used alone or combined with a little balsamic vinegar or  raw coconut vinegar. Raw coconut vinegar has a milder flavor, less bite to it than Apple Cider Vinegar and contains a variety of healthful nutrients.  You will want to use less oil than vinegar in your recipe.  Add herbs to flavor such as oregano, thyme, basil.  If you are looking for a sweeter version, add raw honey

Other things to add or consider in your dressings:  fresh grated, or finely chopped fresh ginger, turmeric.  Dry mustard adds a tartness. Juice of lemon, lime or orange and their rinds pair nicely.

When I make my dressings I consider the rest of the meal…what flavors are needed to round out the meal and please all the taste buds.  For example, if I make a spicy soup, if I made a salad with it, I would keep the dressing to a sweeter palate.  Remember to have fun, if  your concoction needs some fine tuning then do so, adding a little bit of one seasoning or another until it satisfies your taste buds.

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