To Vaccinate or Not

Should you immunize or not?  This question should be discussed on an individual basis with your Dr., but not until he/she has read the 600 page report put out by the Institute of Medicine.(IOM) While accounts of people suffering major health complication following immunizations, how can the government ethically mandate forced immunizations?  It’s necessary to consider environmental aspects, genetics, as well as the current health of an individual when deciding on vaccinating.   Seems to me if you force children to become immunized, you should devise a test to see if the vaccine is safe for each child.   When someone’s health is compromised or they are genetically predisposed , the consequences could be devastating with certain vaccines. Shouldn’t our vaccines be safe for all if strictly imposed?

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Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), summarizes the information in the 600 page report provided by IOM.  The most disturbing part in the report is they don’t know if the diseases being linked to certain vaccines are caused by the vaccine or not.  Some have mistakenly taken this information to assume this means the vaccines are safe and not linked to diseases such as encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and autism.  Considering all of the vaccinations our children are recommended to get by the time they are 18, shouldn’t we have studies following up on vaccinated and unvaccinated children to see the long term health effects? At this time there is evidence being compiled, although not a through a double blind study, the results from over 7500 sharing their health experiences, suggest the  health of the unvaccinated children are fairing better.

The decision to vaccinate or not should be left in the hands of the parents and doctor who recognizes genetics, illness, environment and diseases leading to possible serious complications from immunizations. Can we come out with a testing method which indicate a predisposed problem with a person handling certain vaccines?

But in the meantime, some parents are choosing to begin immunization when their children are older, picking and choosing the immunizations based on age appropriate need, and not agreeing to combinations of immunizations given all at one time.  A small percentage are choosing not to immunize their children, but how do we know whether those children are being saved from devastating health ramifications?  Easier to acknowledge the benefit of “greater good” when it is not one of your loved ones suffering with brain damage or a chronic health issue. More studies need to be conducted to protect all of the public. Take the time to check out the video and information in the link provided bring to provide clarity on this issue.


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